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Rocky Mountain Counseling Center is a secure place offering help, hope, and healing to those it serves. Our mission: is to assist clients in cultivating relationships that promote intimacy, engagement and truth; all from a Biblical perspective.  

Rocky Mountain Counseling Center provides services for individuals, couples and families experiencing emotional, relational, spiritual, and marital distress by providing a broad range of high-quality mental health services that promote intimacy.

Regardless of your life phase, there are issues that you will face. Sometimes you will be able to improve your situation on your own. Other times it takes some outside guidance. RMCC offers Professional Christian counseling & coaching, and are ready to help you in your time of need.  We do it with confidentiality, professionalism, Christian values and compassion.

Christian Counseling

RMCC integrates faith and offer Biblically sound solutions for life’s struggles. Christian counseling must be “Christ-centered, biblically-based, and Spirit-filled to the glory of God and for the blessing and healing of His people.   RMCC wants  to help you improve your marriage, address issues with your teens, free men and women of sexual addiction issues, depression, anger management, and other mental health issues that you may face.

The fundamental difference between secular and Christian counseling is implementing Biblical values in light of relationship with Jesus.  Real meaning and real hope are found in Jesus and it is to Him we look as we begin the restoration process in whatever issue we may confront.  RMCC goal is to focus on how to make your life more meaningful and enjoyable.  For clients with strong spiritual beliefs who want those beliefs to be incorporated into their counseling experience, a counselor who shares the client’s same worldview is very important.  This is important because spiritual beliefs often address some of the same issues that therapists address during counseling, such as emotions and patterns of thinking, behaving, and relating to one another.

Christopher's Bio


Christopher Beard MA. LCPC., husband, father, follower of Christ.  Christopher is a psychotherapist, Ordained Minister and Christian Counselor & Coach. He enjoys helping clients from both a pastoral and personal point of view.

In 1996 he received his Masters in Counseling from ORU in Tulsa OK.  The bulk of his experience has come from helping children, adolescence, adults, couples and families in private groups and individual coaching sessions. His passion is to see people engage "in their own journey" and set free from addictions, anxiety and other relational struggles through a faith-based approach interventions.

Christopher is the founder and director of Rocky Mountain Counseling Center.  Counseling is done face to face, on-line video chat and over the telephone.  Christopher has served as a psychotherapist at one of the top 5 leading mental health hospitals in America, his professional background includes:

  • Counselor at Cancer Treatment Center of America
  • College professor at Kingdom College,
  • Director of Second Chance boys home for troubled teens
  • Non Profit work (NGO) in 112 countries around the world,

Christopher's Coaching Style

“ I take the approach of assessing the client’s whole life—body, soul & spirit according to I Thessalonians 5:23—including present beliefs, behaviors, and circumstances as well as past history, trauma and family-of-origin background.

After the assessment phase, I help you understand the root issues of your struggle and present a clear treatment plan.

I focus on listening, asking questions that invoke your own sense of direction, and giving challenging, direct yet gentle and respectful feedback as you take steps to change course. Prayer during sessions is available and encouraged according to your preference.” – Christopher Beard MA. LCPC.


Our Goal

Rocky Mountain Counseling Center provides the highest standards of professional service, centered on Biblical truths providing a secure and confidential environment in which clients can feel safe and dignified. 

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