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Anger Management Recovery

We realize that therapy is difficult. It is difficult because it often brings out an aspect of each person that is not particularly attractive. However, in order for the renewal process to begin, it is very important for our clients to get past their level of denial and to look at their own thoughts and behaviors openly and honestly. They must remember that they are not bad, evil or rotten.

Anger Management Services:

Rocky Mountain Counseling Center provides several services for anger management treatment. We provide anger management classes. The anger management classes are designed to teach you tools how to deal with anger in a positive way rather than destructive ways. You’ll learn about about why you get angry, better ways to manage and communicate your anger, and how to stop hurting others (including yourself) with anger. 

We also provide individual counseling for anger management if you are not yet ready for anger management classes. Often clients prefer the one-on-one counseling services because their schedules don’t allow for the class times. This makes it more convenient because many clients travel for business or work times/days change weekly. We also realize you may desire to discuss specific issue in greater detail and prefer the confidentiality of a one-on-one session. Our Individual counseling sessions are usually 50 minutes long and the cost starts at $100 per session.

Our anger management therapists also provide anger evaluations. Counsler provide a written report for those needing one for court-ordered assessments, social services evaluations, or employment required evaluations. Call to receive more information about this service from one of our certified anger assessment therapists.

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